FBI Records, Testimony, Reveal Seized Footage
All of the Books You Need to Learn the Most
One week before the OKC bombing, former CIA director Bill Colby said the following about the 'Patriot/Militia Movement':" OKBOMB would largely be…
Given the recent (3/3/2023) CNN.com piece on the murder of Terry Yeakey, there will likely be people interested in looking into this case. For my…
Who Was Timothy McVeigh's Forgotten Accomplice?
This piece was first published in Jan/Feb of 2022 on Medium.com and at the Libertarian Institute. Following that, the essay was published in garrison…
DOJ Should Identify and Locate Additional Suspects, to Include Elusive John Doe #2
This is Booth's Substack, a newsletter about How John Doe #2 Got Away With Murder.
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