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Welcome! Many of my essays are published in Garrison: the Journal of History and Deep Politics, but I also write pieces that I distribute online so I can provide hyperlinks directly to my source documents and endnotes for the reader to examine themselves. Find those extended essays here, and follow me on Twitter at @booth_okc

All of my sources or referenced works are attributed and made easily accessible so that you, the reader or researcher, can see that I accurately convey what the source material says.

I also intend these sources to be downloadable and available for potential students and researchers to use for their own research and studies: as such you can find a link to my document archive at the top of my Substack page.

Please send any comments, suggestions or feedback to me via Twitter at @booth_okc

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How John Doe #2 Got Away With Murder


Richard Booth

Richard Booth is an independent citizen journalist from Tulsa, OK. He's been following the OKC bombing case since it happened, reading everything produced on the subject and archiving thousands of news reports and documents collected over the years.