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Welcome! Many of my essays are published in Garrison: the Journal of History and Deep Politics, but I also write pieces that I distribute online so I can provide hyperlinks directly to my source documents and endnotes for the reader to examine themselves. Find those extended essays here, and follow me on Twitter at @okc_facts

All of my sources or referenced works are attributed and made easily accessible so that you, the reader or researcher, can see that I accurately convey what the source material says.

I also intend these sources to be downloadable and available for potential students and researchers to use for their own research and studies: as such you can find a link to my document archive at the top of my Substack page.

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How John Doe #2 Got Away With Murder


Richard Booth is a researcher and writer from Tulsa, OK. Find Booth's research material archive at the Libertarian Institute: https://libertarianinstitute.org/okc/