Great article. I have some questions in case you'll entertain them.

I started down this rabbit hole when I read the recent CNN article on Yeakey and thought it could be a good topic for my true-crime channel. I'm not into conspiracies, but it was interesting. I didn't find anything compelling in the article, however, and concluded he probably had PTSD and killed himself. The only evidence for murder was anecdotal and mostly hearsay. But I filmed my show. I figured end of subject for me.

But then, while doing final editing on my video, I searched for a clip of the explosion. I was sure there had to be one. 1995, downtown. There had to be. Even then surveillance was cheap and common. But I found nothing. I tried youtube, Google and Bing, and not only found no clips, but no discussion of that. No one seemed to be even asking the questions.

And thus I toppled down the rabbit hole. I went to duckduckgo, and right away several stories came up on the front page, including yours. So the fact that Google and Microsoft were filtering this story was a clue. Somehow this was getting the lab-leak treatment.

But most importantly these two questions will launch any sane person down the rabbit hole: 1) do you believe some surveillance camera captured the explosion? 2) have you seen it then?

I think any reasonable person will believe some kind of video was captured, even if it was obstructed, or even if it only captured a moment, such as the collapse. From explosion to collapse I believe took 7 seconds. So even a recorder capturing stills should have some of that. The fact that no video of any of it exists in the public sphere, including the van, or McVeigh walking to his car, is the most powerful evidence for any conspiracy I can think of.

As far as I'm concerned, Lee Harvey shot JFK. Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK. There are no alien ships at Area 51. Two planes struck the towers. One struck the Pentagon. And we did land on the moon.

And before today, I would have put the OKC conspiracy theory with those other ones. However, it's undeniable that there is no video made public of any of it. That's a fact anyone can check in 10 seconds. And it's simply impossible that no video captured anything useful that day. Impossible.

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